How to Determine the Eligibility Status for an Immigration Bond


Most people end up being detained in various countries due to several reasons. After being detained, the only way out is through an immigration bond. However, not everyone may be eligible for the application of an immigration bond. There are some people that are forbidden by law not to apply for an immigration bond. In this article, we shall find out those people that are not eligible for an immigration bond. Continue reading to find out more.

If you have ever been convicted or accused of an aggravated felony, then you may not be eligible for an immigration bond. For sure most of you do not understand the term aggravated felony. To help you explain this, here are some of the examples of aggravated felonies. They include rape, murder or attempted murder, fraud or tax evasion, money laundering among others.

Also, if you are captured by the immigration authorities while trying to enter a certain country through its borders, you may not be eligible for an immigration bond. In this case, you may have an alternative of applying for a parole from the immigration authorities,

Also, conviction charges of drugs or firearms can deny you the chance of getting an immigration bond. You are considered a criminal and dangerous person. For this reason, the immigration authority may no risk giving you an immigration bond for security purposes. They assume that if you are granted an immigration bond, you will be free and hence end up continuing your criminal activities. For this reason, you are not eligible for the immigration bond.

Also, if you have been convicted of moral turpitude, the chances of you getting an immigration bond are very low. To explain this term, moral turpitude may be described as those acts or activities conducted by people that are very shocking to the world. Such acts may include murder, kidnapping, voluntary manslaughter among other acts. It is important to be careful while carrying out some acts. They may end up depriving you of the right to an immigration bond. Click to learn more.

In conclusion, the above are just a few crimes are actions that may deny you an immigration bond. The list does not end here, so you should not consider yourself eligible if you have been involved in a certain harmful act that has not been mentioned above. Just to be sure, you should request for a court hearing. Find out more on

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